I was wondering, thinking and squeezing my brain, thinking of original things I can share. So as of this month, I want to share a “flash back” of an amazing moment or experience I had. I will do this at the start of each month.

So here is April’s Flash Back:

Getting snowed on for the first time! This time last year I was in the Netherlands. I traveled there on 26 February.  I was really cold when I arrived, but to my disappointment the snow had already melted. About 2 weeks after my arrival to my surprise it started snowing again, the canals all froze over. I was as excited as a little kid in a candy store! There wasn’t a lot of snow, but to me, living in South Africa, snow is snow 🙂

Snow keeps falling on my head!

View from the apartment window

Frozen Canal

View from apartment front door


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