I never go anywhere without being armed with mascara and eyeliner, these are my absolute must have makeup items.

Recently Clicks stores had a beauty fair with some nice offers.  I purchased 3 polishes from Rimmel and I received a free handbag with a mascara and eyeliner.  The mascara I got was the Scandaleyes Retro Glam Mascara.  This mascara promises a near false lash look. Even though the effect is not THAT dramatic I still love how it makes my lashes look fuller and longer, leaving me with dramatic eyes even without any other makeup.

Without and with mascara and eyeliner
Price 4/5
Quality 5/5
Effectiveness 4/5
Product Info:
It’s Retro Mania! Bold, Wide-eyed false lash look!
Bold, wide-eyed false lash look.
Hour-glass brush shaped to the lash line to plump lashes, fanning them up and out for bold, wide-eyed volume.
Coats lashes individually for a big, false lash look in one simple stroke. No clumps!

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