#Blogvember Challenge Day 1 – What do I collect ?

Good morning, happy November, or shall I say Movember or #Blogvember? While I’m doing the Blogvember challenge my hubby is going to the Movember challenge, so this month is going to be fun!

The first topic for #Blogvember is “What do you collect?” Well aside from me collecting nail polish and makeup, like most beauty bloggers do, I collect two other things as well!

First being – Handbags, I love purchasing little bags with the names of places on of where I’ve traveled, this collection isn’t really big yet because I only decided to do it after I saw a little bag in Paris and I’ve already been places before that. I better get a South Africa bag for this collection

Next is stuffed toys! I love getting bears and other creatures from places I’ve been, even the Zoo, we went to one in the Netherlands that only has monkey’s so of course I had to get myself a little gorilla. Unfortunately these are all packed in a box still after our move, I didn’t have any place to pack them so I won’t be able to show you my entire collection.

What do you collect ? Leave me a comment and let me know!


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