What’s in my handbag ?

I recently entered a giveaway from You, Baby and I, to enter you had to share a picture of what’s in your handbag, so I thought it would be fun to turn my entry into a blog post.

So I left out all the receipts and other little paper thingies I carry around with me like my blood type card, and here it is:

So let me start at the back on the left and work my way forward.
Oh So Heavenly sanitizer spray and gel, Woolies hand cream in rose, my Roxy purse, Retail Box note book and pen, Polaroid sunglasses and case, Tangle Teezer compact, Baby Lips in pink punch, hand mirror from Avon, Oral B dental floss, ID document and Rooi Rose pocket diary, hair clip, pill box, iPhone, EOS lip balm, emergency nail file key chain, pocket perfume, tissues and a hair tie.
So what is in your handbag? Do I miss anything from my handbag that you consider important to carry around, let me know in a comment!

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