I’m married to a computer geek and serious gamer so for my first gift guide leading up to Valentines day I’ve decided to do a gamers gift guide for that special man in your life that loves his computer, Xbox and Playstation nearly as much as he loves you. I’ve learnt it’s best to write what you know, so here are some ideas.

If he loves playing World of Warcraft or any other online blizzard game, giving him a balance card that he can spend in the blizz store is highly recommended and he can use his credit to purchase cute pets, mounts, skins and all sorts of other goodies with his favourite faction emblem printed on it. This you can purchase directly from the battle.net store, but please be advised you need a credit card.

If your man is an Xbox fanatic you can purchase an Xbox live card so he can play some of his favourite games online, these you can buy from BT Games, takealot.com, game or directly from the Xbox or Xbox website. The Playstation has a similar option.

Here are some game suggestions.

Budget buys:

SimCity for the PC  from BT Games for R200. (R189.90 from their online store)
Minecraft for the Xbox 360 from BT games for R199.90.


A splurge:

Watch Dogs for Xbox for R722 from takealot.com, the special edition for the PC is selling for R542
Assassin’s Creed Rogue for the PS3 is selling for R799 on takealot.com as well.

Now to complete your Vday gamers gift, make up a gamers snack pack by including some of your man’s favourite snacks and treats, in my hubby’s snack pack I’d add things like lays, soft gums, snickers bars and mountain dew, biltong and droëwors. You can even add a redbull or two (I know these aren’t the best choice) or even a flask full of coffee so he doesn’t have to get up when he needs an energy boost.Oh and don’t forget to add a sweet note. Now let him enjoy one night of gamers heaven and he will be forever grateful!



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