I Review: Bourjois Little Round Pot Blush

Ever since Bourjois has caught my attention on facebook I’ve been wanting one of these little round pot blushes, not only do they look really cute but they seem to be one of Bourjois most sought after products, so all the wishing paid off and I finally got one this past December.

Up until recently I haven’t really used blush for the fear of looking like a cartoon character with little round red cheeks but I think I’ve finally gotten my fear under control and now I can’t get enough of blush! The sales assistant at Clicks helped me pick a shade and reccomended I go for a deeper colour for my pale complexion, I decided on 92 Sandalwood

The first thing that struck my about this blush was the really pleasant rosy scent. Each Bourjois blush comes with a tiny blush brush that fits in the pot, I find this brush to be the perfect size and shape to apply my blush with. The pigmentation is subtle and provides the perfect colouring, it’s not to sheer or overbearing. I would really love to experiment with more shades of this blush!  Which is your favourite blush ?

92 Sandalwood Swatch
92 Sandalwood Swatch

2 thoughts on “I Review: Bourjois Little Round Pot Blush”

  1. I always look at these and wish I was the owner of it. Funnily enough although their products all look amazing I’ve never bought any of it. I have heard the chocolate bar bronzer is really good too. And such an interesting shade you got. I would have thought that would be for deeper skin tones, but lovely shade! And the brush is really cute!


    1. I was surprised as well when they suggested I try that one at Clicks but it looks really nice, I think I do however want to get myself one of the lighter shade ones for more playful natural makeup look days. You should really get something from Bourjois, I have a couple of things so far and loving all of it!

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