Do you feel like you are in the wrong place? Perhaps like you dialed the wrong number? Let me assure you that you didn’t, this is just the new home of Pieces in Pink, Pieces in Pink morphed into with Elizabeth H just over a week ago and here is why I made the big change….

Pieces in Pink was born one afternoon when hubby told me to get a hobby and finding my voice was just what I needed, the name “pieces of me” was already taken on the blogger platform and my head just went with pink as the next best thing. My blog was never supposed to be only a beauty blog, but, I’ve been feeling so limited with the name and with the word pink in the title I felt like it really limited my audience. Don’t get me wrong, I really appreciate each and every single reader Pieces in Pink had, I just feel I have so much more to offer and more topics that can appeal to a wider audience range. I would love to share how I’m coping with my husband in the Netherlands and how the process works for me to move there, and when I eventually move there I would love to share my journey, the process, struggles and joys with you.

After months of mauling it over and weighing the pros and cons with changing or staying I just decided to do it when I had to move hosts, so hence why there was no warning beforehand.

My given names are Elizabeth Helena (now you probably get where Lizna comes from) and that is how “with Elizabeth H” happened! I feel it just works great with so many topics. Beauty with Elizabeth H, Travel with Elizabeth H, Lifestyle with Elizabeth H, the possibilities are endless. The setup isn’t perfect yet and I am still tweaking as I get time but I feel I am getting there.

I am going to leave all water marks and things like that with the Pieces in Pink logo on it as it is, just as a reminder where I came from…

So herewith I invite and welcome each and every one if you to join me on my new journey!



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