Good day travel bugs! I hope everyone had a great weekend and that you are ready to take the week like you already won. Today I’m sharing some photos from my last trip to the Netherlands when it turned into a Winter Wonderland. With it being really cold now in South Africa I thought it’s the perfect time to share.

I was so excited to go to the Netherlands during winter because I mean, snow! I was hoping for a white Christmas and the snow kept popping up in the weather predictions but then nothing.

First Signs of the Winter Wonderland

First it iced over everything, the spiders webs, the leaves. We dressed up warm and cozy and took a walk. Everything was just so beautiful and I just took it in. It stayed frozen like this till the weather went up over 0 degrees and it just melted away.

Finally Snow!

Because it kept threatening to snow, or started at night and then it was gone in the morning I had lost all hope of it snowing. We went to have dinner with some family one evening when it started snowing again but I didn’t really make anything of it anymore. When it was time to leave and we opened the front door everything was covered in a white (wet) blanket. I was in awe.

The next morning when we woke up the snow was really thick and piled onto everything. I built my very first snowman with a carrot nose and blueberry eyes, we named him Arnold Presley. I walked hubby to the bus stop afterwards and let me tell you, walking in snow, isn’t as easy as it looks. On my way back I slipped and nearly fell! The snow stuck around for a couple of days and then turned into a melted brow sludgy mess. Now I know why not everyone is fond of snow.

Have you ever had fun in the snow? I really loved it and I hope this was just the first of many snow fun experiences to come!


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